Company modernly set up, technologically to the vanguard, the RISERIA OF VARALLO POMBIA, thanks to its holder/s dynamism and realizzative abilities has caught up the highest qualification levels, imposing itself succesfully on both national and foreign market.















It's about fifty years that RISERIA OF VARALLO POMBIA operates in its specialization field, exactly since January 1955, when it had been constituted by Mr. Dellavalle, Mr. Dell'Oro and Mr. Germanini as an Italian-Swiss society with the purpose of resupply Swiss market: the three founders, making confidence on their experience and already operating for a long time in this specific field by themselves, engaged actively in order to carry the initiative to a decent level of qualification, succeeding in the attempt. Six years later Mr. Adriano Salsa thought about taking Mr. Dell'Oro and Mr. Germanini's quotas, then in 1965 those of Mr. Dellavalle, remaining therefore the only owner of the enterprise that was approaching to more and more prestigious and rewarding goals.



It's an interesting figure the one of Adriano Salsa: in the years immediately after the second world-wide conflict rather than employing itself in the aeronautical field, for which he felt a natural inclination, it found employement as dependent in a nearby riseria, ending by becoming the director thanks to his ability. He had way therefore to accumulate a precious baggage of experience and cognition that came to help when he decided to work by himself, moving the first steps towards the conquest of the Riseria of Varallo Pombia which, as we have seen, he acquired the relative social quotas little by little. Here therefore that Mr. Salsa finds to to be titular of a highly productive complex, where it is worked without interruption from 6 to 22 for the production of all existing varieties of rice, both national and foreign, using techniques of working that come into effect with the contribution of the more modern machinery. For these reasons, the Riseria ofVarallo Pombia has conquered with success a good part of the domestic market and the one of the European Community and exports in Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Austria and countries in the Mediterranean area. Moreover it's part of that narrow group of Riserie qualified to the auctions for aids the EEC for the countries of the Third World and, today, also for the countries of the East, comprised USSR.



The plant extends on a total surface of 4.550 square meters and is constituted by:

Building in masonry with main body on two floors where is installed the main system for the working of rice, access shed to the silos, rice stocking with milling system of lolla and discards, aspiration system of powders and ventilation shed subdivided in three units: warehouse with conserving case for the rice breaches, warehouse with silos for rice, manifacturing unit and finished product warehouse, all connected with the Riseria system by automatic transports for every possible operation.
Externally: bridge hung (600 quintals capacity). group of 3 silos in glass-reinforced plastic for rice, 1 silos in glass-reinforced plastic for flourless, 1 silos masonry/metal for lolla, group of 8 silos in galvanized metal with special insulator cover for rice conserving. N. 2 Offices and room for the caretaker.

50 quintal per hour of rice.

from 6 to 22 in 2 turns of job

bulking, in bags of 25/50 Kilos, in cardboard sheaths and celofan of 1/2/5/10 Kilos.

12.000 quintals of rice in silos, 1.800 quintals of rice in silos, 7.000 quintals of rice in bags and bigbegs,2.000 quintals of rice in confections, 500 quintals of rice breaches in warehouse cases, 1.000 quintals of rice breaches in bags and bigbegs, 300 quintals of flourless in silos, 200 in sacchi quintals of flourless.

60% national market
40% foreign market



Chicco Chef Rice



Taking advantage of the precious collaboration of his grandson, Alessandro Bellan, chemical expert of certain ability and competence and future heir of the work, the Cav. Salsa looks now to the future with visions of further development and upgrading, thinking to new constructions and to the substitution of systems that he considers obsolete, convinced that his Riseria will end becoming an authentic model of efficiency and a point of reference for modernity and the vanguard of the formulation.